We have three ways to give your offerings to the Church.

1. In regular church services or drop it by the church.

2. Mail your offering:  Haworth First Assembly

                                   PO Box 100, Haworth OK 74740

3. Online with

  • Search for in the App Store.
  • Down Load the App  
  • Sign up (Took me about two minutes.)
  • Search for Haworth First Assembly in your App
  • Give for the first time. (Took about two minutes first time, you put in your method of payment, future transactions will take a matter of seconds.)
  • (Like all services there is a fee with using - Bank Account transactions 1% + .30 per transaction / Credit Card 3% + .30 per transaction.)
  • (Using the Bank Account is our prefered method, this gives more to the church, either way you can choose to cover the transaction cost if you like.)